In the best circumstances, selling your home isn’t something you do in a rush. It calls for planning and preparation. But if you’re like most homeowners, you probably aren’t sure exactly where to start. Try following these steps:


1: Pick a date
Go with what works for your schedule. There are pros and cons to each season. We will work with you to make a schedule match your needs. If you are flexible, we can help determine maximum benefit for your area – which month historically draws the best results.

Two months before listing

2: Research your local market
Start getting a ballpark price in mind. Getting a feel for the market, and a full CMA (compative market analysis) from our team will educate you on the current market for your location.

Six weeks before listing

3: Get your house ready

Start sprucing the place up. Paint (or at least wash) interior walls. Fix any cosmetic or functional items that will turn off buyers. Be brutally honest with yourself. This probably isn’t the time to do an extensive kitchen remodel, but if you have cabinets that don’t close or an avocado green dishwasher in an otherwise modern kitchen, fix it. We can help by suggesting cosmetic fixes and seeing the home from a fresh perspective.

One month before listing

4: Start moving out – really
If you can, get a storage pod or unit and start packing up, a little at a time. Not only will this help you with the eventual move, but a home that isn’t overloaded with furniture and personal items just shows better. If you’ve been using rooms for storage, time to move the storage offsite. Pack up as many personal items as you can. Those wedding pictures on the wall may look great but potential buyers will want to envision their own wedding pictures up there, not yours.

Talk with your neighbors about your plans. Not only is it nice to give them a heads up that you’re leaving, but they can help market the property. They may have friends looking for a house who already love your neighborhood.

Two to three weeks before listing

5: Check your financial picture
Get your loan payout information for your mortgage. You’re going to need to know how much you owe so you can figure out what your sales proceeds will be – or if you are going to be doing a short sale in which the sales price won’t satisfy the mortgage. Clear up any liens on the property. We will supply you with an estimated net sheet for all known costs associated with selling your home.

6: Keep cleaning and decluttering
We can advise on staging and how to leave the home “show ready”. The aim is to look as much like a model home as possible, while still keeping it livable for you. Remove personal items. Make sure furniture makes sense for the space. You don’t want potential buyers looking at a room and trying to figure out a function for it.

One week before listing

7: Lights, camera… marketing
Once you’ve got the house looking its best, time for pictures. Our professional photographer will showcase your homes best features to entice prospective buyers to come view it in person.

No clutter should be visible. Shades should be open to let in as much flattering natural light as possible. These are your home’s glamour shots. You want them to look good enough to give you second thoughts about moving.

Listing day and beyond

8: Go live
When ready, we will upload your listing to all major websites and cooperating realtors throughout the area. A sign in the yard with promotional flyers describing your home will draw additional local neighborhood travelers.

9: Live in a perpetual state of clean
No matter how many ways you say you need a few hours’ notice before a buyer’s agent brings potential buyers, someone will call on the way to your home, or even from your driveway. Be ready to clear out fast, leaving a sparkling home. Every bed must be made every morning. Even if you don’t have a showing scheduled, you have to assume a buyer will come by every time you leave the house. (Of course the surest way to get a buyer to come by is to leave a dirty sock on the floor.)

10: Watch the offers roll in. Or not
With proper planning and correct pricing, an offer should be within reach. Our team will follow up with each showing to get feedback and help direct the plan for moving forward if an offer isn’t received within the first few weeks. Our directive is to help you reach your real estate goals and we have the experience and professionalism to carry you all the way to a successful closing! An offer is just the beginning of Phase 2! Give us a call today to get started!